Urgent Appeal May 2018

We need your help, to fill our shelves again!

Last year, we helped feed 9,563 men, women and children. This was an 18.5% increase on the previous year.

As I am sure you can imagine this put a huge strain on our resources.

On an average month we 
receive an incredible 6,000kg of donations; however to meet the needs of those we help we are using around 8,000kg a month. 

While we have tried our best to bridge this gap by partnering with more supermarkets, we unfortunately are running out of stock at the end of each month.

We need your help, to fill our shelves again!

Items we are urgently low on (i.e we have completely run out of) include:

UHT Milk

Fruit Juice (long life)

Potatoes (tinned)

Custard (tinned)

Rice Pudding (tinned)

Fruit (tinned)

Cold Meat (tinned)

Items we will run out of 
by the end of next week include:

Veg (tinned)



If you are able to help, even with one or two items, it will make a huge difference!

You can donate you items in various ways:

Thank you in anticipation,

Bethany Monaghan
Operations Manager

*If you are doing a supermarket delivery to our warehouse please let us know before you book the delivery slot.

Thank you!