Cereal Bowl Appeal

5th October 2019

Why do we need your cereal bowls?

At our foodbank centres we frequently see people who have been placed in temporary accommodation, such as B&Bs, where they very rarely have any cooking facilities, beyond that of a kettle. To ensure we are able to help them with emergency food parcels, we design a food parcel called a kettle pack. Everything in the parcel can be warmed up using only a kettle.

The core items are cuppa soups, pot noodles, cous cous and instant mash. But we also add items such as small cans of beans, tinned spaghetti, tinned carrots and tinned peas. With these items if you place the can in boiled water for 3 minutes, it will heat through the can and warm the food inside.

With each parcel we provide the person with a mug, tin opener, knife, fork and spoon. But we would like to also include a cereal bowl.

It may not seem necessary, but imagine not being able to have your coffee with your cereal. Instead you had to eat your cereal (out the mug), wash the mug, and then make your coffee. It’s the little things that make a huge difference.


How you can help!

Simple! Donate new (or like new) cereal bowls, to:

Unit 12 New Lairdship Yards,
EH11 3UY.

We are open for drop offs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 09:00-15:00. If a Monday or Friday is easier for you please call beforehand (0131 444 0030) to double check someone will be in the office.


Can the bowl be any shape/size? No, it has to hold approx. 500ml of water and be a similar shape to a deep cereal bowl. This is to ensure the small cans will fit inside, with the water, to heat up.
Can I drop off at a foodbank centre? Yes, but only if it’s a small donation. We don’t have a lot of storage space at the foodbank centres.
Can I drop off at the supermarket baskets? No, we wouldn’t want the bowl getting smashed at the bottom of the basket.
Can the transport team collect the bowls? Yes, but only if it is quite a large collection.
How any bowls are you hoping to collect? About 400, but we don’t need them all at once. That is how many kettle packs we gave out in 2018/2019.



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