Viavi Solutions – Fundraising Challenge

30th August 2019

To help raise our awareness of the lives of people living in poverty, and to help support Edinburgh Food Project, Viavi Solutions completed £1 a day challenge. A team of 4 people each lived on only £1 a day for food and drink for 5 days. The 5 days gave them just a small understanding of the real difficulties that a million people in the UK face and the decisions they have to make about what to eat. They couldn’t just grab whatever they fancied from the cupboards, fridge or shops but only eating what they could afford on a limited budget.

Graham ate the same simple things every day (cereal, a small sandwich and beef mince, tomato sauce and spaghetti). Pam, Ken and Chrissie shared their money and ate better, but still felt tired and struggled to concentrate.

In total they raised an incredible £1,351 for Edinburgh Food Project.

“Those of us who chose to live on a very small budget really learned how fortunate we are to be able to eat well, to have nutritious food, to have choice in what we buy and when and the difference a good diet and enough food can make in our general mental state, ability to concentrate and enjoy life! Thanks to all of you who gave financial and moral support!”


If you would like to support Edinburgh Food Project by running a fundraising event please email Bethany Biggar, Director, at [email protected]

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