A Message From Our Chair

30th August 2019

A few words from our Chair:

 For those of you who know her I am sure you will agree, Bethany has been doing an absolutely fabulous job over the last 2 years, and I wanted to update you personally about some changes we’re making.

 Over the last couple of years we have expanded considerably – bringing on new staff, opening new foodbank centres and supporting so many more people.  As we have grown, Bethany’s job role has grown and her job title of Operations Manager hasn’t really matched up with the job she has been doing.   Whilst we know that Bethany will continue to do an amazing job irrespective of what we call her, as trustees we felt it was important that her job title more accurately reflected the level that she was operating at.  With this in mind we have decided to change Bethany’s Job title to Director from now on.

 We have also reviewed the role and job description of our Warehouse Manager and decided that the title of ‘Operations Manager’ more fits this job, reflecting that the role involves sourcing food, managing stock and supporting volunteers in their roles too.

 We are currently recruiting for this role alongside 2 x part time Debt Advisors (funded by The Aspiring Communities Fund).  All vacancies are advertised on Good Moves.

 If you know of anyone who may be interested in these roles please do encourage them to apply.  

 Finally, can I add my word of thanks to everyone who supports Edinburgh Food Project, whether that be by giving of your time, talents or resources.  

 Thank you for playing your part to make sure that no-one in Edinburgh goes hungry today.

 Emma Galloway,

 Chair of Trustees

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