Scavenger Hunt 2017

18th May 2017

We are hosting our very first Fundraising Event on the 16th of June starting at 15:30

The event will be for corporate teams as a team building exercise and costs £10 per participants

The Scavenger Hunt will require the teams to solve clues and to complete challenges to gain food items for a single food pack, which feeds a client three meals for three days. The food items will be located throughout city centre Edinburgh.

The entire Scavenger Hunt will be run on a point system. The team with the most points will be declared the winner. There is three ways to gain points; collecting food items during the Scavenger Hunt, completing extra tasks throughout the course and by fundraising the most money beforehand.

Step 1Do a fundraiser for us beforehand. The team who raises to most money gets extra bonus points. Suggested fundraising ideas are: a bake sale, casual dress day in the office or a swear jar. The more funds you and your team raise for us the more likely you will gain bonus points. With these bonus points it could be just enough to make you the overall winner! Donations can be made out via the virgin money page (please do this prior to the event) or be brought with you on the day via cheque or cash.

Step 2 The Scavenger Hunt will be held on the 16th of June. We would like for all participants to arrive at the Wash Bar for 15:30 to get signed in, receive their t-shirts and their challenges and clues. We have the private function room from 15:30 until 19:30 and a volunteer will be there at all times, if you wish to leave your bags you can, but be advised that this is at your own risk.

Step 3The Scavenger Hunt will start at 16:00. At this time you have an hour and half to solve all the clues and complete all the challenges.

Step 4The Scavenger Hunt will end at 17:30 and we will all meet back in the private function room of the Wash Bar. We will tally up all the points to announce a winner and have a small prize ceremony. Again, do not get too excited, we are a small charity.

Step 5Stay for some drinks, socialising and a little bit of networking! The private function room is ours until 19:30 but you are more than welcome to stay afterwards in their general bar area!

Step 6Gush to all family, friends, colleagues and strangers on how amazing it was!

If you would like to participate please sign up by emailing

See you then and best of luck to all the teams!

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