Recent Supermarket Collection

29th March 2017

Recently we had a busy weekend of doing supermarket collections. On Friday the 17th of March we were at Waitrose Comely Bank. The shop is mighty and we received a stunning 543.2Kg of our most needed items. On Saturday the 18th of March we were back at Tesco Corstorphine thanks to the hard work of their Community Champion, Sandra. Their customers donated an amazing 1493.6Kg to our cause. We even had a couple people drop off entire shopping carts! We are dumbfounded with the generosity of the public and these donations could not have come at a better time. In the months of January and February 2017 we gave 51% more food than in the same two months of 2016. With the warehouse being back to normal stock levels, we can give people the meals they deserve to get through their crisis. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Supermarket Collections, we could not do it without your help.

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