Year One Food Donations

9th November 2013

Thank you for food donations totalling over 22,000kg in our first year!

As we approach our first birthday on 12th November, I could not have dreamt that I would be thanking supporters for twenty-two thousand kilograms of food donations.  It is a staggering amount of food and even more amazing to realise that over 9,000kg of it has been received in just the last two months (September and October), which sets us up for the winter ahead.

This has been possible through your generosity at supermarket collections (Tesco, Morrisons & Waitrose), corporate staff collections, school and faith group harvest collections and directly by those who give regularly and faithfully.

This amazing generosity is the backbone of our work allowing us to help those individuals, couples and families in food crisis; you are giving local people, your neighbours, a little help up when life has pushed them down.

On behalf of the team of volunteers at Edinburgh North West foodbank I thank you.

Ewan Walker
Operations Manager

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